Fernando Alonso Impresses At His First Test For The Indy 500

What were you doing on the first Wednesday in May? You were probably tuned into the live feed or you were there standing on a grass hill in 50 degree weather hoping the sun would stay out while Fernando Alonso made his first laps at Indianapolis. The 2-time World Champ passed his rookie test with flying colors in his first day racing the oval at Indy.

Alonso Was “Perfect”

Michael Andretti said Fernando Alonso had a “perfect” day in his rookie test. Alonso blazed through his three phase rookie test and can now officially compete in the Indy 500 at the end of the month. The Spaniard looked perfect in his tangerine colored McLaren as he moved through turn 2. Marco Andretti shook down the car for Alonso before handing it over.

Alonso said that his right foot wouldn’t let him go flat out into turn 1 on the first lap even though his brain said yes. It didn’t take him long to get up to speed and act like the big balled Alonso we all know from Formula One.┬áHe never put a wheel wrong from what we could see in turn 2. Alonso was running the Munoz line where he put the car below the white line in the corner. Andretti called him in and told him not pinch the corner like that. He obliged and ran smooth perfect laps from there on out.

While he didn’t put a wheel wrong he did accomplish the “double bird kill.” Just full on Randy Johnson’d both of those birds. They don’t even exist anymore, the only thing left are feathers. Hit it so hard it ceased to exist.


Fans At The Track

It was an impressive turnout on top of the Turn 2 spectator mounds. Probably around 200+ people lined the hill and watched the F1 great turn laps. People brought Spanish flags, the flags from the principality Alonso is from, a guy had a “we love Alonso” sign. Not that he could see if but it’s the thought that counts, like a birthday card.

Definitely had the die hards at the track today which was cool. Everyone there understood who this guy was and how hard it is to just jump in one of these cars and go 220mph. That many people showed up to watch a single car turn laps at the speedway all to say we were there when Alonso turned his first laps.

Alonso will do some simulator time tomorrow before heading to Spain for some family time and the Spanish GP. Following that he’ll return to Indianapolis and fully prepare for the race.

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