Daniel Suarez v. William Byron, LET’S GO

Another budding rivalry in NASCAR’s lower ranks. This time it’s between two race winning contenders and not a couple of mid pack guys throwing down during red flags. This time we have Xfinity champ Daniel Suarez and should be truck series champ and maybe #88 driver William Byron.

You can watch the video above and debate this. Kidding you can’t really debate this because Byron just plowed into Suarez and spun him out. Something might have been wrong with the Byron car the way he just continued to slide into the wall but either way he wrecked Suarez. Shit happens all the time, Suarez isn’t racing for a championship while Byron is. Not like this was done on purpose.

However that didn’t stop Danny Suarez from breaking out those Twitter fingers Sunday morning before the Cup race at Richmond;


Just chill out bro. Yeah Byron messed up and wrecked you which caught like 3 other cars in it but it’s not like it was on purpose. If it was on purpose he’s been taking lessons from the Danica School of Wrecking People And Yourself and needs to drop out as soon as possible. Go to the Brad Keselowski school of wrecking people instead.

Suarez can be mad in the moment but to carry it over to the next day and tweet about it is kind of petty. He isn’t racing for an Xfinity championship he’s merely there to win and race for an owner’s championship. Byron meanwhile is trying to win a title. Wrecking Suarez and himself probably wasn’t in the cards for him.

Hey this is a rivalry though. Let’s get it. Two young upstarts who will definitely be racing together for the next decade. Brian France this week said young guys need to be more aggressive. Being aggressive creates rivalries and conflict, this is what NASCAR wants.

Just completely ignoring the fact that Suarez said he was mad Byron didn’t reach out and apologize. That’s reasonable but acting like Fox Sports NASCAR is way more fun. Just create something that isn’t there like you’re TMZ and hope it sticks. “Lil’ Wayne is on his death bed!” Meanwhile he’s perfectly fine. This isn’t a rivalry it’s just two young guys that are frustrated with what happened.

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