Never Forget The Richmond Fence Climber

Not sure anyone will ever forget this bud heavy drinking crazy person but in case you did. Here is the Richmond fence climber that caused a caution in what has to be the most bizarre caution outside of JPM at Daytona. He was subsequently banned from Richmond for life and served jail time for disorderly conduct and being drunk in public.

James Dennis will forever be a legend in NASCAR. Something everyone will tell their kids about when a Richmond race rolls around same goes for the fan that ran out to Matt Kenseth’s car under a red flag at Watkins Glen. A man with two first names like Ricky Bobby was destined to get drunk and climb a fence at a NASCAR race.

Need an interview with James Dennis sometime in the near future. Need to get an understanding of his thought process. At what point did he think this was a good idea? How did you learn to climb and descend a fence that fast? How did security not stop you? Was it worth it?

Apparently it was;

You have to respect the hell out of a guy who frames the letter that banned him for life from the race track. That’s a badge of honor right there. How many other people have been banned from a race track for life? Probably not many, especially not for something like that.

Hopefully some day we can run into James Dennis buy him a beer and talk about this. Or FOX can do it, make it super corny and everyone will just throw their hands in disgust.

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