The New Jersey F1 Race Might Happen, But Probably Not, But Maybe– Years after the possibility of a Grand Prix race in New Jersey failed to get to the starting line, the idea has reportedly gained new life.

Citing a report in the German Auto Motor Und Sport publication, several racing reports Thursday said a Formula 1 race through Weehawken is once again a real possibility.

According to Newswheel, F1’s new owner, Liberty Media, is in negotiations to bring a night race in 2019 to a circuit in Weehawken.

In 2011 everyone was introduced to the idea of a street race in New Jersey that would utilize a back drop of Manhattan. Phenomenal idea in theory but one that would likely never actually happen. Now in 2017 that idea is back! Bad ideas never die and the street race in New Jersey is one of them.

With American owners of F1 now it appears Liberty Media really really wants another race in the United States. If it were up to them there would be 3 races in the states. Austin, New York/New Jersey and a race out west in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Miami has been mentioned but Miami is such a fickle city it would never last.

Making this race in New Jersey a night race is a bizarre idea too. Sure the Manhattan skyline looks pretty cool at night but is that really what you want to see? A day race would probably be a lot better from a racing standpoint too. Monaco, Singabore, Weehawken. Three premier destinations for Formula One.

F1 needs more dates in the United States but maybe bail on the whole New York/New Jersey thing and go to an proper racing circuit. Street circuits never provide and passing and generally the race is pretty mundane and boring. It’s like watching soccer there are one or two moments that are exciting and the rest is 88 minutes of nothing. The original layout was a Herman Tilke designed circuit of course. He’s the same guy who has brought you every new F1 circuit all of which have been less than memorable. Tilke is the Populous baseball design firm of F1. You don’t get that, look it up and check out their baseball stadiums. All kind of look the same.

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