Did You Know Martinsville Is The Paper Clip? If Not, Here Are NASCAR Teams To Remind You

NASCAR is headed to Martinsville this weekend which has a pretty close resemblance to a paper clip. Should a paper clip be a half mile long, have concrete corners and asphalt straights. Other than that, not a huge resemblance. Don’t tell that to NASCAR teams though who have spent the weekend calling it the paper clip any chance they can get.

One thing about NASCAR, if something becomes popular they will drive it into the ground and beat it until you don’t want to hear it anymore. This is Daytona Day just on a smaller scale. The paper clip phenomenon is NASCAR version of the NFL’s “business trip” tweets.

It’s only going to get worse as the weekend goes on. So everytime you hear paper clip or see the emoji, take a drink and by Sunday you’ll have cirrhosis and won’t have to worry about the paper clip nonsense in the fall when NASCAR returns to Martinsville.

Like Martinsville is a pretty unique name as it is. Why does it need a nickname? It’s like when they call Darlington “the lady in black” or “too tough to tame” it makes no sense because Darlington is a great name. It’s unique, it’s not like Texas. No one gives a shit about Texas, that’s a boring name. Can we just stick to the names of tracks without having to give them dumb nicknames?

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