People Forget That: Kyle Larson Has 2 Cup Wins

People Forget That:

Kyle Larson wrapped up his second career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series victory on Sunday at Auto Club Speedway. I say second because he won for the first time last August in Michigan. People forget that, Kyle Larson is a 2 time winner in the cup series. That didn’t stop NASCAR fans and Kyle Larson specific fans from congratulating him on his first win Sunday.

Steve Luvender put together a Twitter moment that is linked below of some of the best tweets;



Or again. Even Chris Myers who covers the series on a weekly basis for 16 weeks in a row forgot. Granted he didn’t cover Larson’s first win but that’s still a pretty bad excuse.

Personally for me the best was the lady that said Larson is her sons favorite driver but he had to work and missed his first win. Really he didn’t miss it there mom and he probably saw it last year. Also, big fan of the Young Money nickname someone gave him.

After a string of second place finishes dating back to the end of 2015 it’s not a shock people think this is his first win. Larson just needs to win more so people stop thinking that. NASCAR Twitter is a crazy place. No where is a collection of individuals more uniformed and opinionated than NASCAR twitter. Not surprisingly NASCAR twitter shares a lot of similarities with Trump Twitter.

People forget that will likely become a daily thing. Sometimes really obvious topics, ┬ásometimes completely obscure topics. But dammit, you’re going to learn something reading this blog.

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