A Monster Truck Did A Front Flip, Seriously

What the hell is going on here. That crazy son of a bitch just front flipped a Monster Truck. Not a regular truck like your dad has. No this guy flipped a truck with tires as big as a Beetle, the truck sits as high as a ranch house. And here is this guy, The Mad Scientist just front flipping a truck.

Here’s the thing, I can’t stop watching it. Watching a truck of that size somersault through the air like it’s in Cirque du Soleil. Nope instead he’s at a Monster Truck show in front of what looks like a packed house in Vegas. Of course it’s Vegas. You can put anything in Vegas and people would go.

Listen I understand how the physics of it work. Wheelie, his basically a wall with the back tires which forces the front of the truck down and the rear of the truck around. Same way a running back gets front flipped when he get hit low. How do you practice this though? Not like you’re building a ramp in a field in Nebraska and testing this out. He landed it so perfect though, perfect speed, hit, trajectory. Mind blown.

This only happens in America. No other country on Earth outside of maybe Australia would try to front flip a Monster Truck. Kids are dying in Africa, yeah we get that. But first, we need to front flip this Monster Truck. You know that little Toyota Hilux you have starving African village? Yeah it’s that but with tires as big as your house and we drive them around stadiums that weren’t built by dictators in front of people who paid to see this. Insane we are. Crowd loved it. We need to got to a Monster Truck show as soon as possible.

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