Restrictor Plates At Indianapolis Is Just Another Bad NASCAR Idea

NBCSN–NBC Sports has confirmed that NASCAR will use restrictor plates for the Xfinity race July 22 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The decision, which initially was reported by freelance journalist Michael Knight on Twitter last weekend, will take effect after NASCAR was pleased by the results of a successful Xfinity test with plates last year at the 2.5-mile track.

A NASCAR official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss publicly, said if the Xfinity race goes well, then restrictor plates would be used for the 2018 Brickyard 400 in the Cup Series.

Mark this up as one of the more terrible NASCAR ideas in the past decade or so. Restrictor plates will be used at Indianapolis in the Xfinity Series race this season. If all goes well (it won’t) then they will be used on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup cars next season.

First thing first, who thought this was a good idea? It takes away any horsepower advantage on a track that is made up of two long straights. Now with the plates on the car everyone will essentially have the same top speed and will have to brake/let off way less in the corners.

We’ve tried this before. Loudon in 2000 NASCAR put restrictor plates on Cup cars and Jeff Burton led every single lap. Flat tracks and plates don’t go together well. Yet we’re going try this again on a bigger flat track where you need horsepower for runs off the corner.

Qualifying is going to be the race. A lot like F1 where the front row will basically be the winners. Whoever starts on pole for this race will be the race winner unless they completely mess up on pit road.

NASCAR shouldn’t even be at Indianapolis anymore. Especially Xfinity who should be running across town at Indianapolis Raceway Park, the short track that suits stock cars way more. The prestige of IMS is what keeps NASCAR there even though the show is as bad as KONG: Skull Island. It’s boring, it’s trash and you wonder why the hell you’re still watching this.

This is an awful idea brought to you by the people who thing a missing lugnut is a $30,000 fine and a crew chief suspension. The same people who thought the high downforce package was a good idea. Look at that package and that’s what this plate will kind of do. The same people who have changed the points system 6 times in 10 years. The track record of great ideas continues.


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