Sebastian Vettel To Wear Socks During F1 Races This Season

PUMA– We wanted to create the most minimalist solution,” says Sonny Lim, Teamhead Design Motorsport Footwear. “The idea was to make the lightest shoe, so we knitted an upper in one piece made of Nomex.” The designers added a neoprene outsole, which the world’s lightest and provides most grip – important features, because the sole acts as the critical interface between the drivers and their race cars, facilitating lightning-fast throttle and brake responses.

Generally driver uniforms and shoes don’t do much for people outside of the bieber like obsessed fans in the F1 world. This is pretty cool though and definitely caught some attention. Puma is giving Sebastian Vettel socks for driving shoes this season in Formula One.

Nomex socks with a sole on them essentially. Pretty cool technology and even better if it actually works. Drivers want breathable footwear especially when you’re racing in some ridiculously hot places. Let the feet breathe Puma!

F1 cars aren’t designed for driver comfort. They also aren’t designed with the drivers temperature in mind. The only airflow and F1 driver gets for their feet or legs is a little opening in the tip of the nose. Other than that, nothing for those boys. Aero over comfort every day, year, and eternity. They also don’t have to worry about a fire around their feet most of the time, unlike a NASCAR driver.

Speaking of NASCAR drivers, who will be the first to bring this to the stock car boys in the states? No clue if they can handle the potential heat from a fire in NASCAR. Mainly because stock cars have the engines in the front, you know. Those things sometimes catch on fire and burn people. It’d be interesting to see how much fire those socks can handle.

If someone brings them to NASCAR though it will definitely be Keselowski. That hipster will tell everyone how great they are, that everyone needs them. Then remind everyone he was the first.

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