Jordan Anderson And Korbin Forrister Is The Rivalry NASCAR Deserves

Some heroes wear capes, masks and have a utility belt. Jordan Anderson just drives a truck in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Two weeks ago in Atlanta he was racing around the #5 of Korbin Forrister. You might know him from his Trump Truck fame or the guy that brought out approximately 23 cautions at Eldora one year. 

Anyways, the #12 of Anderson was ahead of Forrister exiting turn 4 and the #5 of Forrister just picked him up and dumped him. Anderson slid into the grass which caught the splitter and tore it all to hell. Roll the tape;

Flash forward to this week and Tommy Joe Martins (Phenomenal NASCAR Name) posts a picture of he and the #5 at Atlanta running side by side. Pretty innocuous picture of two trucks. Not so fast said Jordan Anderson who chimed in with a little joke in the comments section.

Nice little job by Jordan there, nothing too bad. Forrister isn’t known for being necessarily the best driver out there but that’s neither here nor there. Nothing bad about that comment, just a guy still frustrated he got dumped and isn’t sure how he is going to make it to the track when Martinsville rolls around.

Forrister though felt like he needed to set the record straight.

Well damn.

Korbin is out here acting like the dark knight, keeping gotham safe at night. He’s the sheriff in town and if you’re not racing clean, hello infield grass. Bit ridiculous coming from a Trump supporter who know drives a Toyota. That makes you go hmmm.

Hopefully Jordan Anderson can make it to Martinsville, we need this rivalry to continue. We lost the Ryan Reed v. Ryan Seig rivalry last season, we can’t lose this one! This is a better rivalry than Busch v. Logano right now. Two wildcards at the back with nothing to lose.

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