Phoenix Raceway’s Garage Suites Are Cool, Except One Tiny Problem

Phoenix Raceway is the new golden child of the ISC race track portfolio. It is going to undergo massive upgrades this season that will see all the grandstand seating moved to Turn 1 and the dogleg as well as the start finish line.

On Wednesday the track showed off another enhancement/addition to their offerings. Phoenix will now have garage suites. You read that right, suites in the garage. Think the garages at Las Vegas just without all the fans wearing Dale Jr. and Kyle Busch t-shirts milling about. No these are $85k a year, look to be at each end of the garage and give you glass walls to see into the garage area. Pretty cool.

Except one little problem.

There is nothing happening in the garage 4 hours before the race and during the race. If you have a bunch of clients coming to the race they’ll all be looking at a bunch of empty square footage that is the garage. You’ll be watching the race on a tv, just like you would have at your house. You could get the same experience by staying home, putting a tv in your garage and having your neighbor with the ’69 Camaro rev it out front. Loud noise, race on a tv and you looking at your empty garage.

This is a lot like putting suites for an NFL game in the locker room. What’s the point? The game isn’t played in the locker room. You’ll see them before the game and after, the rest you’ll be watching on TV just like at home. You will likely see some grown man dick so if you’re into that it might work but other than that there is no point.

You have to respect Phoenix for trying something new, it just doesn’t make much sense unless I’m missing something.

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