Audi Decides To Be No Fun, No One Can Race The Audi Le Mans Car

Motorsport– I (Roger Penske) talked about if we could get a privateer [effort] with some of those cars. But under the current situation with Audi, all the things they’re going through, they just said they’ve got enough eyeballs on them, they don’t need to be showing up at Le Mans.

I’d love to run at Le Mans, but if I did I’d love to run at the front.

Why can’t Germans have any fun? Outside of leather and whips they seem the be the driest, dullest group of individuals on the planet. Audi said a few months ago they were open to a privateer outfit running the R18 at Le Mans. Today, apparently they decided to be a bunch of lames because no one can run them.

Roger Penske wanted to run them at Le Mans as a private team. Audi and Roger Penske are a match made in heaven. Clean cut, sharp, measured, engineered in a lab in an effort to take over the automotive industry. They’re the same person if Roger Penske is even a person.

Audi enjoyed 18 competitive and usually dominating years in endurance racing and at Le Mans specifically. They dominated for years, they introduced diesel power plants to the world of racing. Then all of a sudden a little (massive) diesel emissions cover up becomes public and they have to quit racing in every series they are in. A few Golf’s puts out a little more CO2 in the air and we can’t have nice things anymore. Those damn Germans, always being sneaky.

So now no one can see Audi at Le Mans anymore. Roger Penske wants to run Le Mans but only if he can be at the front. He’s rumored to be teaming up with Honda for an IMSA DPi program in 2018. Might want to rethink that after their debacle with McLaren again this pre season in F1 testing.

Audi get your asses back to Le Mans. No one cares about your emission problems. 10% of the world does, and they’ve all forgotten by now. Forget about Savannah and Brenton from Portland who love the environment. We deserve a three way battle at Le Mans.

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